The BoomBocs Story

It doesn't take a genius to design a wireless speaker....... or does it?

Synonymous with great British engineering and design, BoomBocs is a luxury speaker brand producing handcrafted sound systems, inspired and built for your listening pleasure.


Established in 2014 by Jonny Williams, BoomBocs was born in Brixton, South London. As a prestigious touring sound engineer, Jonny works alongside some of the world’s most renowned artists, including Liam Payne, Kylie Minogue, and Rita Ora (just to name a few!). He quickly developed a passion for sound reproduction and set out to perfect a pro-grade speaker system for consumers, without the compromises often found in mass-produced designs. His experience as a sound engineer has allowed him to really understand the expectations and demands of quality audio production, and he’s poured his knowledge and love into every BoomBocs ever since.


Today, we still maintain the highest standards in enclosure design and sourcing for all of our speaker components. Ever since we started, we have been relentlessly pursuing the creation of premium-grade, ‘artist-approved’ audio sets, staying true to our original inspiration.


Derived from the retro styling of the original portable speaker, we’ve created our own modern-day classic. BoomBocs combines a uniquely strong, yet lightweight functionality with an iconic aesthetic. Our speaker collections adhere to the same core values that have defined our brand’s musical and audio spirit, drawing on the rich British musical heritage.


BoomBocs products can be seen all over the world, as they’ve been toured and used by highly-acclaimed recording artists over the years. Their durability and sturdy construction have made BoomBocs speakers the choice of musicians on tour, including Steven Tyler, Tom Petty, Rita Ora, and Lady Gaga. BoomBocs has also appeared on TV, with a feature on BBC News centred around our humble beginnings in Brixton, a hub for start-ups and collaborations like Jonny and our own BoomBocs brand.