The Legacy: BoomBocs Mk.1

Realising people were interested in buying early BoomBocs creations, Jonny knew that the build process needed to be streamlined.


Out of a newly-acquired shipping container workshop in Brixton, the initial incarnations of wooden suitcase speakers were refined to be manufactured by CNC. A production batch of BoomBocs Mk.1 speakers were handbuilt and unleashed into the world. Constructed from Redwood Pine and stained with specialist wood dye, these cheeky little chappies soon started drawing attention from both the public and the media.


In 2016, BBC News ran a feature on BoomBocs which gained a lot of publicity, in turn, grasping the attention of some famous faces. Tom Petty, Rita Ora and Shaznay Lewis (All Saints) all own a BoomBocs Mk.1.

All Saints.png