The Legacy: BoomBocs v2.0

Following on from the moderate success of BoomBocs Mk.1, improvements were made to enhance the enclosure’s sonic performance and build quality.


Notable changes to the design came in the form of materials, electronics, speaker components, porting, battery and finish. Basically, the only thing we kept was the logo! We moved to an 18mm, moisture-resistant MDF construction to allow for better acoustic performance, and in conjunction with that, works on air-flow efficiency to get the best possible sound we could.


Something seemed to work because in 2018 the BoomBocs v2.0 was nominated for ‘Best Wireless Speaker’ by T3 Magazine.  Although it didn’t triumph, we were allowed the immensely proud moment of attending the awards and rubbing shoulders with some of the bigger players in the smart speaker game. Not bad for a company that started in a living room in South London.


Along the way, we’ve been feature in publications worldwide, receiving rave reviews from established media. Trusted Reviews even rated the BoomBocs v2.0 4.5 out of 5 stars.


Once again, the BoomBocs name acquainted itself with some high-profile figures; Lady Gaga, Kylie and Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) are all owners of the v2.0.