Our products are designed and built for portability, durability and most importantly, pristine sound reproduction. Anyone with a passion for music should have a first-rate speaker to play it on and a BoomBocs speaker is just that!


You’d be surprised at how the quality of your speaker can affect the listening experience. BoomBocs wireless speakers ensure you’re hearing music in its purest form. The number one priority for BoomBocs has always been to reproduce top quality sound, just as the artiste recorded it.


What is the 2022 BoomBocs all about?

LOUD, modern, retro and capable of connecting direct to your favourite streaming service.


Everybody loves a bit of nostalgia, and in 2022, anything retro is cool! BoomBocs aims to bring back the original look of the 80s boombox but fully-loaded with modern technology. Now, you’ll be able to connect via WiFi or Bluetooth wirelessly, controlling your favourite streaming services via a dedicated app from your smart device. With direct connection to Spotify, Deezer and Amazon Music via the app, OR by using the onboard interface (screen, buttons and rotary encoders), BoomBocs  makes it incredibly easy to get up and running in rapid time.


Other services featured on BoomBocs smart speakers are;

  • DAB & DAB+ Radio

  • FM-RDS Radio

  • Internet Radio


On our flagship ACADEMY speaker, the unique 2-way speaker design, coupled with intelligent DSP, high-performance digital amplifier, internal power supply and specifically-designed bass reflex port, ensure its superior sound quality puts it above competitors. This, along with its unique aesthetics make it an extremely desirable wireless sound system.


For those that like to keep it ‘old school’ we’ve even got a 3.5mm auxiliary input and stereo RCAs for cable connection. And for those that like to keep it REALLY old school, we’ve built in a stereo phono connection and pre-amp for your record player so you can play your precious vinyls at the best possible quality.


The karaoke enthusiasts out there are invited to the party by utilising the XLR mic input with dedicated gain control.