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What is a


Why is it

so much better?

Does it

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How do

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How loud

does it go?

What is a BoomBocs?

In short, a BoomBocs is a premium-quality wireless speaker system that enables you to stream from thousands of internet radio stations, as well as popular music streaming services such as Spotify, Amazon and Deezer. We also support DAB/DAB+, FM radio, USB playback and have a whole host pf physical connection to wire in your more 'vintage' devices.

Why is it so much better?

We’ve really focused on creating a product that highlights the artistry of the music being played. That’s why we’ve taken years to design and develop this well-oiled machine. We’re on a mission to build a speaker system that actually sounds good! Plus, with BoomBocs, you don’t have to choose between looks or sound quality.

Does it sound good?

From start to end, BoomBocs has been under the strict guidance of real music industry professionals. Audio quality is ALWAYS the number one priority here at BoomBocs, so we took years to design and test prototypes before finally producing the BoomBocs you see today.

How do I connect?

All BoomBocs products come standard with WiFi and Bluetooth integration, capable of streaming lossless audio. Whether you’re Team Apple or Team Android, you just have to download the app to connect directly to your BoomBocs. ​The app supports streaming applications like Spotify, Deezer and Amazon Music. Radio can be received via DAB, DAB+ and FM-RDS, as well as internet radio, giving access to over 20,000 worldwide stations. You can also connect physically via XLR, RCA phono, minijack or USB.

How loud does it go?

A common myth relating to speaker output is to boast about Wattage. There’s a 120 Watt Class-D digital amplifier in here, pumping out sheer awesomeness over 4 Ohms. Impressed? The input stage is just as important to ensure the sound quality is maintained throughout the circuit. To ensure we maintain signal flow from start to finish, and therefore maintain the best sound possible, we use audiophile-grade components. Still not entirely sure what all that means? That’s okay; it's really loud!

Can I plug musical instruments in?

We have an XLR connection and gain attenuation so a mic can be plugged in. For things like guitars and keyboards, they can go in via a mixer which is able to plug into our stereo Aux RCA inputs.

How do I order?

For now, you'll have to sit tight. BoomBocs ACADEMY is on its way but not quite on the shop shelves just yet. We're hoping mid-2022.

What's the warranty?

We give a 2 year warranty on all BoomBocs products. You can read our warranty terms here.

[ Most UK companies only offer 1 year. ]

How do I get repairs done outside warranty?

Send an email to and let us know what the issue is. We can then suss out what action needs to be taken and go from there.

Does it have a rechargeable battery?

Yep. All BoomBocs ACADEMY products have a rechargeable battery capable of providing 20 hours playing time.

How do I connect to WiFi?

Everything you need to know about connecting your smart device can be found in the user guide. You can download it here.

Can I get a cover for it?

If you purchase the 'Early Bird' Perk on Indiegogo, you get a free cover and quick-release strap, along with your BoomBocs ACADEMY. Otherwise, covers will be available to purchase from our website after launch.

Help! I think it's broken. What do I do?

Worry not! Send an e-mail to and explain what the issue is or what you think the issue is. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can with a potential solution.

How do I contact support?

The easiest thing to do is email us at We run a tight ship so we’ll reply to you promptly and we can go from there.