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What is a BoomBocs?

In short, a BoomBocs is a premium-quality, wireless speaker system.

Why is it Better?

BoomBocs isn’t just any old Bluetooth speaker. We understand that pretty much every other speaker brand has their own version of a wireless speaker, but we’ve really focused on creating a product that highlights the artistry of the music being played. That’s why we’ve taken years to design and develop this well-oiled machine. We’re on a mission to build a speaker system that actually sounds good!


Plus, with BoomBocs, you don’t have to choose between looks or sound quality. Please both your eyes and your ears when you play music from a BoomBocs sound system!

Does it Sound Good?

Let's put it this way...

From start to end, BoomBocs has been under the strict guidance of real music industry professionals. Audio quality is ALWAYS the number one priority here at BoomBocs, so we took years to design and test prototypes before finally producing the BoomBocs you see today.


We dare you to find a better speaker on the market.

How Do I Connect?

Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology, we’ve been able to create the ultimate wireless speaker system.


All BoomBocs products come standard with a 2.4GHz WiFi module and v5.0 Bluetooth integration, capable of streaming at 96kHz (24 bit) via the lossless AAX codec. This allows you to access a whole host of streaming options right from your smart device.


Whether you’re Team Apple or Team Android, you just have to download the app to connect directly to your BoomBocs. ​You can even connect to multiple BoomBocs units throughout your home! The app supports streaming applications like Spotify, Tidal and Deezer. If you’ve got Apple products, the BoomBocs supports Airplay as well, so it can be easily set as an output device on Mac computers, iPads and iPhones.

Within the app, you are able to change the WiFi SSID and Bluetooth name, creating your own personalised BoomBocs.

How Loud Does it Go?



Technically speaking, there’s a 200 Watt Tripath class-T digital amplifier in there, pumping out sheer awesomeness over 4 Ohms. At the heart of the amp is the TK2050 chipset consisting of the TC2000/TC2001 controller and an upgraded STA510A output stage chip on each channel (in a paralleled configuration). This makes it even more powerful and better at low impedances, while keeping the legendary sound of the TK2050.


Aside from the output stage, the input stage is equally as important to ensure that the sound quality is maintained throughout the circuit. The input capacitors in particular on this amp are one of the few parts where audio signal actually flows through. So, to ensure the best sound possible, we use audiophile Jantzen Cross Caps input capacitors (2.2uf).


Supplying the amp with juice is a bespoke 28VDC power supply, fed from your mains electrical output (110V-250VAC).

Still not entirely sure what all that means? That’s okay. TLDR; it’s really loud, BUT IT SOUNDS INCREDIBLE!

Will It Work with a Guitar or Keyboard?

Sadly, no. The BoomBocs was created for the sole purpose of reproducing music at the very highest level of audio quality for your streaming and listening pleasure.


Who knows, if there’s enough demand for a version with an instrument input we might just pull something out of the bag in the future!

How Do I Order?

It’s easy! Go to the main menu and click ‘Shop’. There, you’ll find everything you need to get you on your way to owning the now legendary BoomBocs.


If, for any reason, you need further assistance, either use the ‘Contact’ page submission form to get in touch, or you can email us at

What's the Warranty?

We offer a one year warranty with all new BoomBocs speaker purchases.


You can read our warranty terms here.

How Do I Get Repairs Done Outside Warranty?

Send an email to and let us know what the issue is. We can then suss out what action needs to be taken and go from there.

Does It Have a Rechargeable Battery?

Once upon a time it did but we discontinued battery models in 2020. We no longer offer it as an optional extra.

How Do I Connect to WiFi?

Everything you need to know about connecting your smart device can be found in the user guide. You can download it here.

Can I Connect to Multiple Bluetooth Devices at Once?

Yes, you can but we don’t advise it. You won’t damage the BoomBocs but you may confuse it and won’t be able to tell which device is connected and has priority. The easiest, simplest way to stream to your BoomBocs via Bluetooth is to just have one device connected at a time. That way, you don’t have multiple devices fighting to talk to it!

Can I Get a Cover for It?

All BoomBocs’ come with a premium-quality, slip-on branded cover to protect your BoomBocs.

Help! I Think It's Broken. What Do I Do?

Worry not! Send an e-mail to and explain what the issue is or what you think the issue is. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can with a potential solution.

How Do I Contact Support?

The easiest thing to do is email us at We run a tight ship so we’ll reply to you promptly and we can go from there.

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